Egyptian cotton is one of the strongest and natural fibers in the world. The reason people fall in love with Egyptian cotton sheets is both for the durability and for the luxurious feel. Smooth and soft, Egyptian cotton sheets represent the care and precision that was maintained from planting to manufacturing.

cottonEgyptian cotton is considered the best because it produces the smoothest, longest threads of any cotton type. The history of your Egyptian cotton sheets is as rich as the Nile delta where the Egyptian cotton itself was grown.

The Nile river delta is historically known for its agricultural richness. The moderate climate and rich soil provide the perfect combination needed to produce Egyptian cotton. Egyptian cotton is different from cotton grown elsewhere in the world.  Its fibers are longer, softer and more durable than other cotton types.

The finest feeling high-quality sheets start by using a long staple, about three inches long. The staple is the part of the cotton that is pulled off a ball of cotton. Cotton with a shorter staple can result in yarns that break or fabric that pills. The cotton is then spun into a continuous yarn. High quality spinning insures the durability and continued smoothness expected with normal use. Yarns are woven into sheeting (either percale or sateen) and finished.

Egyptian cotton is unique not only for its properties: softness, length and uniformity, but also for its processing. Hand treated from planting until the final processing with prized techniques passed down from one generation to the next.  Egyptian farmers have learned how to produce superior plants without the use of chemicals. The weeding is done by hand and organic fertilizers are used. Heavy machinery is not needed for harvest as it is picked by hand. Finally it is rolled with a special ginning process that will not damage the exquisite fibers.

Celina Hotel Collection

Celina Hotel Collection

Finishing is a process applied to the sheeting after it has been constructed on the loom. Certain companies like those in Italy and Switzerland have finishing techniques that are heavily guarded secrets. Other companies in other countries may be able to purchase the exact machinery and looms that they use, but they have yet to master the technique necessary to properly finish luxurious fabrics. No matter what the techniques, if Egyptian cotton isn’t used, the quality will be less than expected.

If any of these steps is compromised, the result will be sheets that are rough, pills, aren’t durable, and don’t launder well.

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Cotton Photo Credit: flydime