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Specialty Pillows


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Ambience Multimedia Memory Foam Pillow
Price: $64.00..
Sale: $56.00
Annotare Reading Pillow
Price: $161.25..
Sale: $129.00
Carino Cuddler Body Pillow
Price: $105.84..
Sale: $84.67
Fresco Infused Memory Foam Pillow
Price: $74.00..
Sale: $69.00
Julietta 50/50 Cuddler Pillow
Price: $295.31..
Sale: $236.25
 2 Reviews
Natalia 50/50 Feather/Down Specialty Pillows
Price: $51.76..
Sale: $44.00 - $129.00
 8 Reviews
Nuovo Organico Bamboo Contour Pillow
Sale: $69.00
Padua Neck Cradling Pillow
Price: $80.75..
Sale: $64.60 - $79.60
Sometimes a regular pillow just isn’t enough. Maybe you like propping up a pillow behind you while reading. Sometimes you like propping up your laptops and notebooks on your pillows. Perhaps you like cuddling a pillow to sleep. We’ve taken these little desires of yours into account and created a collection that caters to just these needs. Our specialty pillows, which provide unparalleled luxury, are here to give you that little extra comfort that you seek.
Why pick Luxor Linens’ specialty pillows?
  • They are specially made just for those extra needs and purposes

  • They enhance your luxury and comfort in every activity you engage in

  • They are made with the best quality materials so you get every bit you deserve
What makes our specialty pillow especially special for you?
  • A choice of fills so your pillow is just perfect for you



  • Sort by:
  • Showing 8 of 8

Quality is always in the details, and every Luxor Linens product sets the standard for quality in materials and craftsmanship.

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