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Pillow Cases
At Luxor Linens, we know how important pillowcases are for your sleep. With that in my mind, we have stocked our luxury boutique with pillowcases of the finest quality so you snooze in absolute luxury. Our pillowcases are crafted from the highest quality Egyptian cotton so comfort is optimized- and you can pick your pillowcases in a thread count ranging between 300 to 1200. Our pillowcases will deliver a piece of heaven right under your head!
Egyptian cotton for your pillow cases. Why pick it?
  • Egyptian cotton has the reputation of being the best cotton in the world

  • It provides you with optimized comfort and luxury for the best sleep.


Why pick Luxor Linens’ pillowcases?

  • They are carefully tailored with the finest Egyptian cotton

  • They are available in a variety of styles, colours, patterns and textures to give your room a touch of sophistication

  • They ensure you sleep well, every time


Want to know why they’re perfect for your bedroom?

  • A wide range of sizes to the cases fit every pillow

  • Variety of designs so there’s something for every decor

  • Monogramming services so you can jazz up your pillowcases


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San'T Agnello Hotel Pillow Case Set
Price: $115.29..
Sale: $98.00 - $124.00
San'T Agnello Stripe Pillow Cases
Price: $115.29..
Sale: $98.00 - $145.88
Carina Percale Daisies Pillowcases
Price: $95.88..
Sale: $63.70 - $308.10
Carino Cuddler Pillow Case
Price: $60.04..
Sale: $48.03
Casilda Classic Seersucker Pillowcases
Price: $76.56..
Sale: $55.00 - $236.25
Felipe Featherweight Cotton Pillow Cases
Price: $80.75..
Sale: $64.60 - $79.60
Latona Pillow Cases
Price: $74.50..
Sale: $59.60 - $69.60
Nicola Embroidered Pillow Cases
Price: $99.50..
Sale: $79.60 - $219.60
San'T Agnello Hotel Pillow Cases
Price: $115.29..
Sale: $98.00 - $395.00
 3 Reviews
Delano Organic Pillow Cases
Price: $54.69..
Sale: $43.75 - $380.00
Leonardo 1200tc Egyptian Cotton Stripe Luxury Pillow Cases
Price: $117.65..
Sale: $3.99 - $465.00
 16 Reviews
Valentino 1200 thread count Egyptian Cotton Pillow Cases
Price: $162.98..
Sale: $3.99 - $400.38
 19 Reviews
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Quality is always in the details, and every Luxor Linens product sets the standard for quality in materials and craftsmanship.

Thanks for visiting and we encourage you to take advantage of our satifaction guarantee to experience Luxor Linens for yourself.

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