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How To Choose A Comforter

How to Choose a Down or Synthetic Comforter

Because each of us is unique, and not all comforters are alike, choosing a comforter can be confusing. To make it easier, consider these questions:
  • Are you a warm sleeper or a cold sleeper?
  • Is your bedroom warm or drafty? What is the average temperature?
  • What is your climate? Will you use your comforter year-round or seasonally?
Warmth Level
Line up the temperature of your bedroom with how you usually feel while you are sleeping. Where the two meet is the warmth level that you should choose.

Temperature of your bedroom: Type of sleeper you are:
Always warm Normal to warm Normal to cold Always cold
over 70 Down Blanket Down Blanket Down Blanket Down Blanket or Summer Comforter
65-70 Down Blanket Down Blanket or Summer Comforter Summer Comforter Summer Comforter or Level 1
60-65 Down Blanket or Summer Comforter Summer Comforter or Level 1 Level 1 or Level 2 Level 2
55-60 Summer Comforter or Level 1 Level 1 or Level 2 Level 2 or Level 3 Level 3
below 55 Level 1 or Level 2 Level 2 or Level 3 Level 3 or Level 4 Level 4
Down Blanket
Equivalent warmth to a medium-weight blanket, but softer and loftier comfort you only get from a down comforter.
Summer Comforter
All the warmth of a thick blanket, yet light and puffy. Ideal for warm bedrooms or warm sleepers and can be used year round.
Warmth Level 1
The warmth of one or two thick blankets, without the weight. Our most popular warmth level, typically used fall through spring.
Warmth Level 2
Provides the warmth of two to three thick blankets. Suitable for cold sleepers in cool bedrooms or warm sleepers in cold climates.
Warmth Level 3
Created specifically for cold bedrooms in winter. Interior fabric baffles add extra warmth, so you stay warm all winter long.
Warmth Level 4
Originally used in the unheated bedrooms of European farmhouses. Overfilled with baffle interior walls. Provides ultimate warmth for cold sleepers in cold climates or normal sleepers in very cold bedrooms.
Unsure of the exact warmth level?

If you are still unsure which comforter is right for you, we suggest you choose the lower of the two warmth levels that most closely matches your sleep habits. A flannel comforter cover will add warmth in the colder months. Feel free to call us at 800-806-3592 for additional help.

Fabric Style
Once you have decided on your desired Warmth Level, you'll also need to choose which fabric quality you prefer. There are several different fabric qualities to choose from: either 100% cotton or Heirloom silk.
  • Batiste is extremely light in weight with excellent durability
  • Sateen brings the same drape and feel as our sateen sheets
  • Damask is an excellent quality at a great price
  • Cambric is a basic weave with an excellent value
  • 100% Heirloom Silk is our only non-cotton downproof fabric; premium quality, pure silk, handcrafted to be passed on from one generation to the next.
All of our comforter fabrics are downproof guaranteed not to leak down or feathers and certified by Oeko-Tex to be free from harmful chemicals.

Comforter Sizes and Fill Power
A comforter should be big enough to cover all of you, and that's why we make our comforters larger, and in more sizes to choose from.

Note: Two Dual Warmth Standard or Designer Size comforters are required to fit a queen or king bed. Dual Warmth Standard sizes fit regular mattresses, and Designer Sizes fit oversized mattresses. They fasten together so one side can be warmer than the other.
What is Fill Power?
This is the number of cubic inches one ounce of down will fill; the higher the number, the higher the quality for a lighter, softer comforter. We use fill power between 600-900, far exceeding our competitors. Our comforters are lighter than blankets, thicker than quilts, and comfortably fat not flat. And we offer you a choice of lofty down or synthetic.
  • 600 European Duck Down. From the French Pyrenees. Fill power of cubic inches per ounce exceeds the quality of most goose down on the market.
  • 600 White Goose Down. A better grade of White Goose Down testing at more than 600 cubic inches per ounce. Light, fluffy, and luxurious at a value price.
  • 700 European White Goose Down. This exceptional down is softer and lighter than the best down sold by most competitors.
  • 800 European White Goose Down. The special and rare down we use in our highest quality pillows and comforters.
  • 900 European White Goose Down. Simply the most luxurious goose down we have ever found. But it's rare, so we only have a limited amount.
  • Rare Eiderdown Fill. Prized worldwide and collected by hand in Iceland and Scandinavia.

Synthetic Comforters
For our customers with allergies or other sensitivities to down, you might want to consider getting a sythetic comforter. Our lofty synthetic fill is made from specially engineered fibers that cluster just like down, without clumping or matting. Most polyester fill comforters are filled with one piece of fiber that's not nearly as soft. Our synthetic comforters can be machine washed and dried.

Choose the warmth level you need, and the ticking you prefer, browse our collection and order the comforter that is right for you. We guarantee a great night's sleep!

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