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Amarante 100% Egyptian Cotton Sateen Duvet Set
Price: $528.00..
Sale: $94.00 - $510.00
Genovesa 100% Egyptian Cotton Sateen Duvet Cover
Price: $528.00..
Sale: $94.00 - $510.00
Lyanna 100% Egyptian Cotton Duvet Cover
Price: $367.00..
Sale: $77.00 - $425.00
Milania 100% Egyptian Cotton Percale Duvet Cover
Price: $699.00..
Sale: $108.00 - $675.00
Miramare 100% Egyptian Cotton Percale Duvet Cover
Price: $1099.00..
Sale: $170.00 - $1063.00
Serenity 100% Egyptian Cotton Percale Duvet Cover
Price: $391.00..
Sale: $94.00 - $459.00
Carina Percale Daisies Duvet Cover
Price: $225.88..
Sale: $63.70 - $308.10
Audelia Luxe 1200tc 100% Egyptian cotton Duvet Cover
Price: $130.00..
Sale: $113.00 - $126.00
Claudette Percale Duvet Set
Price: $1136.50..
Sale: $909.20 - $1024.60
Felipe Featherweight Cotton Batiste Duvet Cover
Price: $312.00..
Sale: $249.60 - $389.60
Nicola Printed Duvet Cover
Price: $168.25..
Sale: $79.60 - $219.60
Paola Italian Linen Duvet Cover
Price: $775.29..
Sale: $149.00 - $569.00
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At Luxor Linens we know that you want the most comfortable and luxurious feeling when you snuggle under your down comforter. That’s why we’re proud to bring to you Egyptian cotton and silk duvet covers to go over your comforter and provide you with a luxurious experience every day.


Our linen duvet covers are constructed in the shape of a giant pillow case for the ease of use. As a bonus, we provide each cover with two luxury pillow shams so you bunk down in style!


What can Egyptian cotton and silk offer that other materials can’t?

  • They optimize your luxury without compromising your comfort

  • Egyptian cotton has the reputation of being the best cotton and the best material for sleep

  • Silk has unparalleled reputation for being a luxury


Why pick Luxor Linens’ duvet covers?

  • They are a great investment for your down comforters

  • They ensure you sleep better


Still wondering if they’re right for you?

  • A variety of styles, textures, colours and patterns

  • The covers are available in many sizes so there’s always a perfect fit for your comforter

  • Monogramming services so you can add a personal touch to your linens
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  • Showing 12 of 34

Quality is always in the details, and every Luxor Linens product sets the standard for quality in materials and craftsmanship.

Thanks for visiting and we encourage you to take advantage of our satifaction guarantee to experience Luxor Linens for yourself.

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