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Moderno Luxury Blankets
Price: $76.00..
Sale: $66.00 - $88.00
Albergare Luxury Blanket
Price: $103.26..
Sale: $60.00
Aria Luxury Silk Blanket
Price: $279.69..
Sale: $223.75 - $336.25
Giovanni Faux Mink Throw
Sale: $89.00
Le Meurice Luxury Blanket
Price: $143.38..
Sale: $113.49 - $133.19
Majestic Sherpa Blanket
Price: $95.00..
Sale: $83.00
 1 Reviews
Sonno Cashmere Blanket
Sale: $248.75 - $286.25
Tivoli Premium European Cotton Fleece Blanket and Throw
Price: $107.81..
Sale: $86.25 - $236.25
Ultimate Electric Blanket
Sale: $149.00 - $239.00
Carina Percale Daisies Quilted Coverlet
Price: $242.13..
Sale: $63.70 - $308.10
Rossatro Quilted Coverlet
Price: $142.19..
Sale: $113.75 - $148.75
Sandro Quilted Coverlet
Price: $168.25..
Sale: $134.60 - $189.60

We want you to feel like a royalty every time you wrap yourself up in a blanket or throw and that’s why we’re proudly presenting to you a collection of our premium quality blankets and throws. It’s a Luxor Linens promise to provide you with superior comfort and luxury!


Why pick Luxor Linens’ blankets and throws?

  • They provide superior comfort and turn every experience into a luxurious one

  • They allow you to snuggle up in style with their sophisticated designs


What else are we offering?

  • A large array of colours, styles, materials and textures

  • A variety of sizes

  • Sort by:
    No. of Items: 
  • Showing 12 of 15

Quality is always in the details, and every Luxor Linens product sets the standard for quality in materials and craftsmanship.

Thanks for visiting and we encourage you to take advantage of our satifaction guarantee to experience Luxor Linens for yourself.

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