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Luxor Linens proudly brings to you the finest bed linens made from superior quality Egyptian Cotton that brings luxury straight to your bedroom. Our luxury boutique offers you Egyptian cotton bed linens crafted from thread counts available in a range of 300, 500, 600, 800, 1000 and 1200 to ensure comfort and quality, everytime. Aside from bedsheets and pillow cases, you will also find accessories like pillow shams, duvet covers  and bed skirts that enhance your experience of our finest linens.


Why should you pick Egyptian cotton over other varieties of textiles available?

  • Best quality cotton in the world

  • Offers luxurious comfort

Egyptian cotton is considered to the best quality cotton in the world  and all the bed linens at Luxor Linens are woven from 100% Egyptian cotton, sourced and brought to your bedroom by us. While many other materials promise luxurious comfort, but none can measure up to the superiority of Egyptian cotton when it comes to  softness.

What do thread counts tell you about our bed linens?

  • Good quality sheets come at a minimum thread count of 200

  • Luxor Linens’ bed linens come at 300 thread count and upto 1200 thread count

  • Ensure the best quality with high thread count Egyptian cotton


Thread counts, simply put, refer to the number of threads interwoven horizontally and vertically per square inch, with the tc number being a sum of the threads in each direction. A good quality sheet is said to have a minimum thread count of 200, but at Luxor Linens, we believe that great quality comes in thread counts above 300. In our boutique, we offer you bed linens in thread counts up to 1200, to ensure you’re getting the best quality and value for your money.


What else do we offer?

  • Variety of sizes to fit every bed

  • Attractive styles, from chic urban trends to Victorian sophistication

  • A large range of prices for maximum flexibility

  • Monogramming services for that personal touch

  • Sophisticated gift packaging so you can pass on the love in style


Why pick Luxor Linens’ bed linens?

The answer to that is simple- we ensure that you get the best sleep, cradled in luxurious comfort, night after night. Pamper yourself and get the most out of each naptime or night of sleep in your comfortable den, brought to you by Luxor Linens.


What purposes can our bed linens serve?

  • Enjoy 5-star luxury at home, every day

  • Gift someone with a splendid collection of luxurious home decor items, on any occasion

At Luxor Linens, we believe that sharing is caring. Surround yourself with our luxurious products and let your loved ones enjoy it too!


Our aim at Luxor Linens is to  ensure that you have access to the best bed linens in a vast range of sizes, styles and prices, so you have the flexibility to choose according to your preferences. Whether you want to give your home a trendy urban makeover or a touch of Victorian sophistication, our collection of linens at the boutique has something to fit your every need.

We consider it our responsibility to provide you with the soft, luxuriously cottony  comfort of 100% Egyptian cotton bed linens and we leave it to you to enjoy the experience of fine linens.




Quality is always in the details, and every Luxor Linens product sets the standard for quality in materials and craftsmanship.

Thanks for visiting and we encourage you to take advantage of our satifaction guarantee to experience Luxor Linens for yourself.

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